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Our Menu 

Our charges for the menu options below

For Orders for 20 people and below - we charge a Flat Price of $500.00 + 18% Service charge

(Events held at the St. Cloud Civic Center and the Tuscany Center are subject to additional fees)

$24.99 per person

Jollof Rice, Fried Plantain (Seasonal), Black Eye Peas, Asantehene Chicken, Salad, Fresh Fruit, Baked Dessert, Drinks

$24.99 per person

Jollof Rice, Fried Plantain (Seasonal), Black Eye Peas, Asantehene Chicken, Salad, Fresh Fruit, Baked Dessert, Drinks

Offers a choice of 1 entrees along with Salad and Bread and a dessert for as little as $ 14.99 per person upon request.

  • Meatloaf served With Mashed Potatoes
  • Spicy Corned Beef served with Stew With Cabbage & Rice
  • Corned Beef Stew With Angel Hair Pasta
  • Vegetable Alfredo Noodles with Shrimp
  • Fried Plantain with Black Eye Peas Stew
  • Peanut Butter Soup with Rice Balls
  • Morrocan Chicken served with Saffron Basmati Rice
  • Beef and Lamb Shish Khebab Platter
  • Asantehene Chicken served with seasonal marinated skewered vegetable and rice

Here are more items on our menu

$16.99 per person

Minimum of 20 people with a service charge of 18%. Includes one entrée selection below with assorted freshly baked bars and cookies.

  • Deli Buffet with assorted meats and cheeses, condiment tray (sauce on the side), fresh fruit, potato salad, buns and butter
  • Executive Sandwich Buffet or Tortilla Wrap Sampler, a gourmet selection of sandwiches or wraps, fresh fruit and pasta salad with sauce on the side
  • Salad Sampler with chicken salad, vegetable pasta salad, chop house salad, fresh fruit, rolls and butter
  • Chicken Fajita Bar with chicken strips, peppers, onions, salsa, sour cream, taco chips, tortilla shells, served with Spanish rice and fresh fruit
  • Taco Bar with meat filling, chili con queso, cheese, tomato, lettuce, black olives, salsa, sour cream, corn chips, hard taco shells, tortilla shells and fresh diced fruit
  • Asian Buffet with sweet and sour chicken or chicken stir fry, fried rice, egg rolls and Asian sauce, oriental salad with tangy honey-sesame dressing
  • Italian Buffet with choice of bowtie chicken pasta with diced chicken breast in a light pesto cream sauce OR baked ziti pasta with Italian sausage in Marinara sauce and four cheese blend with fresh fruit, Caesar salad, artesian breads, rolls and butter

Includes one entrée selection with assorted freshly baked bars and cookies.

Add a cold vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free option for 5.95 each

All entrée served with freshly baked bread and Chef Isaac’s Special House Salad

  • Black eyes peas stew served with your choice of rice of fried plantains
  • Kalahari Royal Gumbo served with Rice
  • Waakye with Tomato Stew and Fisherman Sauce

Lavish African Cuisine Dinner for (8 - 12 guests) - Flat Price of $600.00 + 18% Service Charge

(12-20 guests) - Flat Price of $1200.00

Menu items to select from:

  • Saffron/Jollof Rice
  • Marsala Chicken
  • Carved Lamb
  • Moroccan Couscous
  • Seafood Galore
  • Peanut Butter Soup
  • Asantehene Chicken
  • Black Eyes Peas Stew
  • Stewed Garbanzo Beans

8 oz Cup $6.99 / 12 oz Bowl $9.49

  • Peanut Butter Soup
  • Royal Chicken and Basil Soup
  • Goat / Chicken Light Soup
  • Palm Nut Soup with your choice of Goat, Chicken or Fish

Jollof Rice served with seasonal steamed Vegetables, minimum of 20 persons with a service charge of 18%.

  • Chicken Suya $10.99
  • Shrimp Suya $10.99
  • Ginger Chicken $10.99

$14.99 per person

(20 person minimum with a service charge of 18%)

Let Kalahari do all the work for your next business meeting or luncheon! Our boxed lunches include a sandwich or Wrap coleslaw, applesauce, potato chips or carrots and celery, a pickle and a homemade cookie. We'll even deliver!


  • Turkey Breast
  • Applewood Ham
  • Turkey Club
  • Turkey BLT
  • Chicken Breast
  • Veggie Avocado
  • Egg Salad
  • Albacore Tuna Salad
  • Corned Beef


  • Salmon Avocado
  • Cucumber Turkey
  • Hummus Avocado
  • Chipotle Chicken
  • Chicken Caesar

$12.95 per person (Minimum 20 People)

(Includes roll, butter, fresh baked cookie and fruit)

  • Chicken Caesar Salad with romaine lettuce, sliced chicken, croutons, parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing on the side
  • Asian Chicken Salad with sliced chicken, romaine, Napa cabbage, crispy noodles, tender chicken pieces and tangy honey-sesame dressing on the side
  • Sautéed Salmon with fresh greens, tomato, cucumber,red onion and dill mustard vinaigrette Add .75
  • Chicken Gyro Salad with pita, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumbers, olives, pepperoncini and tzatziki sauce on the side
  • Gourmet Bar Tray - Serves up to 12, $15.99
  • Cookie Tray - Serves up to 12, $15.99
  • Assorted Treat Tray - Serves up to 12, $15.99
  • Brownie Tray - Serves up to 12, $15.99
  • Gourmet Cake Tray - Serves up to 20
  • Donuts Galore - Serves up to 12, $15.99
  • A dozen assorted cookies & brownies - Serves up to 12, $20.99
  • Kalahari Assortment: A variety of Smoked Turkey Breast, Bacon Turkey Ham & Swiss, Tuna Salad, sandwiches individually wrapped in 10 halves. Served with your choice of salad to share, along with 5 bags of potato chips, 5 pickle spears, a French baguette plus an assortment of 5 freshly baked cookies.


  • A Continental Start: An assortment of bagels, croissants, Danish, muffins served with butter, jellies and condiments. Includes a platter of seasonal fruit and bottled juices.

    Minimum of 20 - $12.99 per person

    Donuts Galore: An assortment of donuts. Includes a platter of seasonal fruit and bottled juices.

    Minimum of 20 - 12.99 per person

    All American Breakfast: Start the day with Kalahari Foods farm fresh scrambled eggs, Bacon strips, sausage links, homemade breakfast potatoes and breakfast breads.

    $12.99 Per Person (Minimum 20)

    Breakfast Burrito Tray: Scrambled Eggs, Pepper Jack Cheese, Cream Cheese, Chipotle Dressing and choice of Meat (Ham. Turkey, Chicken or No Meat) Served with Salsa.

    $6.99 Per Person (Minimum 10)

Offers a choice of 4 entrees along with Salad and Bread for $19.99 per person.

  • Mini Lamb Kebab
  • Smoked Salmon Display
  • Mini Chicken Kebab
  • Mini Shrimp Kebab
  • Italian Meatballs
  • Mini Egg Rolls
  • Pita Bread with Hummus
  • Mini Vegetarian Sambusas
  • Pita Chips with Dip
  • Fried Plantain Bites
  • Peanut Brizzle
  • Assorted European Chocolate Bites
  • Mini Belgian Chocolate cup cakes
  • Triple Decadent Chocolate Cake

All choices come with an 18% Service charge

  • Individual Greek Yoghurt Selection with Granola $3.75
  • Individual Yoplait Parfait Cups with Granola $4.25
  • Individual Yoghurt Selection with Granola $3.25

An 18% Service Charge will be added to all Breakfast Menu Options